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not_quite_celeb's Journal

Not Quite Celebrity
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This is a role playing community, please take consideration and respect people that play these celebrites....

To join please comment in nqc_headhoncho's journal with your aim name and user name

if you have any questions please comment in his journal or IM them too:
Lance Bass l_basstronaut on aim: ROCKON Lance
Chris Kirkpatrick trickyboy on aim: chipxskylark
Or e-mail NOT QUITE CELEBRITY: notquitecelebrity@hotmail.com rect them too:

To check out the NQC FORUM Click the link below....

nqc_adopt wanna be someone but it looks like they are already taken? or perhaps you don't have a journal code, well dont worry,check out here and see if the journal you want is up for grabs!
nqc_icons need help with icons? just supply the pics, post here and bam, in no time you will have the most spiffiest icons imagained
nqc_daycare need sometime away from your kids? do you have to run to a store or go to a party? drop them off here, Lou Pearlman and our favorite person in the world, Mrs. Doubtfire will be at your service
nqc_undressed have a dirty little secret? wanna confess it, confess here!
nqc_broadcast make introductions and other annoncements here
nqc_ooc for all your ooc needs
nqc_personals want a date? some ass? a significant other? maybe a job, or your trying to sell something, come here
nqc_paparazzi This is a place where you get the latest scoop and interviews about the members by reading entries by: Joan Rivers, Rosie O'Donnell, and Oprah Winfrey.
mrlawandcpsguy need a laywer? He is the guy to go too.
nqc_battle wanna get your rap on? This is the place to do it. Battles happen daily.
nqc_memberlist need to update your friends list for your journal? Well here is a complete list all ready for you to copy and past.
nqc_aim Funny AIM conversation? Post it here!


For fun and games, visit the disclaimer up top!

Meet 'NQCER'

my adopted


{ NOT QUITE CELEBRITY IS A ROLE PLAYING COMMUNITY AND IS COPYRIGHTED, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2003 not quite celeb was created on August 12, 2002 after leaving wannabe_celeb}