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El Fin.

I remember a time when NQC was once at it's community peak, that was 9 months ago, we were number 2 out of all the communites ever made. So many other communities resented us, so many wanted to be just like us. We would often get in fights with other communites because of jealousy and hatred issues. One thing led to another, and NQC slipped by letting a few illiterate retards into the community....

London bridge came falling down.

Falling Down.

NQC slipped from it's top place and never went back up, the original few that did stay are true and dedicated rpers, who later on became mods, we wanted this community to die but never had the heart to delete, so one by one a few more of you joined. Some secret spies of some illiterate polish retard who shall remain nameless, they tried to destroy this community and with that they did. NQC was no more it was just a distant memory. Rachel was nice enough to help me out of my stricken state with the loss of a community that I worked so long and hard on, one I put my own sweat blood and tears too, one I lost most of my online friends JUST so I could please the other members.

But now it's time to please myself.

Being a mod of another sucessful community made me realize that it wasn't just the best interest of the rpers but for mine, the owner as well. What I say goes, I am in control. As I thought I was doing all of you a favor by moving us to GJ because just a few weeks ago you wanted to move

that post, I thought I was helping all of you out. Guess not. Which is perfectly fine. The other mods and I hated what happend to this community and we never update because we were ashamed.

The other mods and I got together a few weeks ago, we made another comm, but in the process we felt bad that we did not tell the rest of NQC about it.

Boy, was I wrong for caring.

I hope you all decided to stop being rude, your rudness was uncalled for, such vulgar language as
" Wow you are incredibly gay and that is the stupidest thing I've heard the entire time I've been here..I'm definitely not going anywhere but it was a nice attempt" or "you can take your community and shove it up your ass for all I care "
Well look, I am taking my community and shoving it up my ass, because it is MY as well as 5 other mods community. All people had to do was reply with, I really feel like we shouldn't leave because _____" And left some sort of civil message, since as you see in that link I displayed above, the ones who just fought against it, actually wanted to leave before.

Maybe if you all were smart enough, you could take a code and create your own community. Sometimes when people don't like how things are run, they do that. :)

Rest in Piece Not_Quite_Celeb. I will miss how you once were, but I will never miss how you've become.

-- Jenn


New mod talking: sextina. I would like to thank those of you who decided to kill NQC. If you "loved" your storylines and your journals that much in the first place - you would have gotten off of your lazy asses and gotten a code from your precious paid accounts and made your own goddamned community. None of you were even mods - you are like leeches. You remained stuck onto this community, complaining and whining as you sucked the life out of it. Nothing is ever right for any of you. You wanted to kick out the inactive members, we worked our asses off to try to get rid of abut 60 some members in a course of a few weeks. You wanted to move to GreatestJournal. We set up another community over there and held all of your roles.

Did you do any work to help achieve the goals you set? No.

I hate to see this community go just as much as any of you - I was one of the originals. By the "originals" I mean the first ten members of this community. I am / was a mod. I put work into this community, I put out advertisements, I set up subcommunities. You didn't. I think those of you who can't make up your minds about what the hell you want should just fuck off, because all you have done is whine about how everything is wrong, and then you get your way and you have changed your mind and it's still wrong. You act like you think this is a game - well I'm not playing when I say you need to shut the fuck up.

Whoever the fuck played Amy Lee - you had a comment that said you wanted to move to GreatestJournal, and now you don't want to go? I understand you want to use that journal for your paid account - but god damn, if you cared that much you'd move the journal elsewhere and stop pissing and moaning. It's so fucking stupid when you sound like this: "WAAHH WAHHH WAHHH THIS COMMUNITY IS DEAD I WANT TO LEAVE. :( :( :( MY AIM DOESN'T WORK!!! I WANT TO LEAVE THIS COMMUNITY IS LIKE SO DEAD!! OMG WE'RE MOVING?!!! I JUST BOUGHT A PAID ACCOUNT I WANT TO LEAVE THIS COMMUNIY SUCKS!!" Get off your ignorant ass and leave then, scumbag. We don't need you.

I am sick of you people who just joined a few months ago, and either this is your first community or you're just fucking slow on how to RP - and you think you know how to run things. It's not your job to decide what goes on in the communities, it's the mod's, and above that the maintainer's. If you don't like it, well then why the fuck are you RPing anyways? Life isn't fair, get used to it. And to those of you who have been here for a long time? You still aren't mods, it doesn't make you holier than thou. If you want to run things you go make your own community. We wanted to run things, and that's why we made this community.

And I dare you to comment back to this with the same attitude you've had with all the other mods / maintainers. Because I will keep commenting you until you shut the fuck up and finally admit you're wrong. I don't take shit from newbies.

To those of you who have actually been easy to get along with, I apologize. All good things must come to an end. We will miss NQC just as much as the next person but this insanity has got to stop. Now.

<3 - Ashley.
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