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Important stuff

Yes kiddies it's that time again.

The following people have until the end of the day Tuesday to update or be removed.

Nate Mathers (? We have a Nate Mathers? No one told poor Stubby..)
Paul McCoy
Eliza Dushku
Josh Jackson
Jared Leto
Justin Timberlake
Ashton Kutcher
Lance Bass
Lindsay Lohan
Matthew Watts
Isabelli Fontana
Natalie Portman
Tyson Ritter
Britney Spears
Trace Ayala
Chris Kirkpatrick
Brandon Boyd

Comment with excuses or concerns. Otherwise just do it. It isn't hard.

Also, if you no longer wish to be a member, don't make me wait til Wednesday to remove you. Just say so and you're gone. That goes for anyone who would like to quit at any time. Please inform a mod and don't just disappear into the wilderness. Thanks.
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